Guidelines for guest stays at ENVS

Guidelines for covering of expenses in connection with guest stays at ENVS

As part of the ongoing work to secure ENVS' finances, the management team has decided that it must be cost-neutral for the department to have guests. This means that guest stays may not burden basic / department projects. We therefore introduce the following guidelines:

1. In this context, guests are understood as: Students, guest PhD students and guest researchers who stay at the department in connection with a research, advisory and / or teaching activity

2. Expenses for guests must be covered by the guest himself or by externally funded projects.

3. Expenditures are:

    a. Hours for supervisor

    b. Hours for laboratory technicians who help / instruct the guest incl. time for safety tour

    c. Common laboratory costs and gases

    d. Other direct expenses in connection with the stay

Secretary time for starting the guest up in systems etc. is excepted the above.

4.  Guest stays must be approved by the head of section. This means that before agreeing on a visit, the following must be settled with the head of section:

    a. Which project (s) covers the cost of the stay

    b. The need for hours from employees other than the supervisor

    c. The extent of operating expenses

5. The secretariat must be informed of guests at least 14 days before arrival