Onboarding of new employees at ENVS

At ENVS, we welcome all new employees so that they feel welcome and become part of both the social and work community as soon as possible.

By default, an onboarding course includes the following main elements:

The checklist for onboarding of new employees is a gross list of tasks to be performed before the employee starts, on the first day and the first time, respectively. For some short appointments or visits, not all points will be relevant, just as not all points are relevant for all job functions - this is assessed specifically in each individual case. There are also tasks that are specifically aimed at resp. foreign employees and PhD students.

It is the responsibility of the head of section / immediate manager to ensure that the on-boarding process is planned. In many cases, however, it will be appropriate to delegate the actual planning to a possible supervisor. The secretariat takes the initiative to review the checklist with the head of section / supervisor. If deemed appropriate, an actual program can be prepared for the first time, which is sent with the welcome email (alternatively handed out on the first day). In other cases, it will be more appropriate to establish agreements with the new employee after the job starts. This is decided by reviewing the checklist.

When hiring an international employee, further reference is made to the International Center's website www.ias.au.dk , where there is detailed information and help with residence permits, insurance, housing, information about Denmark. The ENVS secretariat can also be helpful with information.