External communication

Press support

Due to the restructuring of the Nat and Tech Faculties, there is no designated press support for ENVS research stories at the moment. This is being resolved by the Tech faculty, who intend to hire a new press officer, likely in May 2023. Any research stories you might want to take to the press in the meantime will be handled on a case by case basis by Jannie True Hansen (jth@au.dk), and as before, any stories related to advisory activities can be sent to Michael Strangholt at DCE (mis@dce.au.dk).


The Department LinkedIn page was launched in July 2022, and is available to you as a channel to disseminate relevant content outside of ENVS’ internal channels. The content posted on LinkedIn is quite diverse, though should broadly be aimed at our strategic audience groups:

  1. Researchers in relevant fields;
  2. Prospective staff and students;
  3. Interested in our research and services.

Any content you would like to disseminate for the ENVS LinkedIn should be directed to Branwen Messamah (brm@envs.au.dk). The proposed content will be evaluated in dialogue for its relevance, and how to present the item (including content angle, language, additional media or links required). Posts can be summarized under the following main themes, but don’t worry if what you have in mind isn’t listed here – get in touch and we can see what to do next:

  1. Opportunities (e.g., job postings, invitations to participate in courses, symposia)
  2. Announcements (e.g., new projects or collaborations, big research publications)
  3. People (e.g., awards, media appearances, new staff, PhD defences)

Remember, you may also choose to post content from your own profile, and you are most welcome to tag ENVS in the post, so that it is seen – and might be reposted by – the group administrators.

General communications support

Remember that Aarhus University offers some general communications support, including translation, graphic work, and the opportunity to submit material to AU’s own social media channels. Find more about the support available here.