Guidelines for equipment acquisitions

Equipment acquisitions on projects with full OH / cost recovery according to current guidelines for financing can be done without further permission.

Acquisitions of equipment paid for by the department’s basic funding (the department project) as well as acquisitions of equipment paid for by external grants without OH / cost recovery (e.g. from the Carlsberg Foundation) require written permission.

ENVS' management team processes requests for permission for equipment acquisitions / applications (the instrument wish list) once a year in June. Urgent cases with arguments are dealt with in the executive committee (FU).

Permissions are granted in three categories:

  1. Approval for purchases on basis funding (the department project)
  2. Conditional approval to purchase on basis funding (the department project): Try first with an application to an external source (e.g. the Carlsberg Foundation). If a breakdown occurs before successful external grant, the equipment can be purchased on basis funding after approval in FU
  3. Approval to apply from an external source (e.g. the Carlsberg Foundation)

As a starting point, an approval to purchase equipment is valid for one year, unless the purchase is conditional on the equipment breaking down, or otherwise has been specifically agreed. If the equipment is not purchased within one year, the approval expires. An argued extension can be obtained during the annual processing of the instrument wish list.


  1. The person in charge of the instrument wish list (currently PLA) invites requests for the acquisition of equipment every year in May. The heads of sections ask for input in the sections and send this to the PLA, who updates the instrument wish list.
  2. The management team will process requests for acquisitions at the management meeting in June.
  3. PLA and ENVS' controller (currently CHOL) updates the instrument wish list with decisions; including assign approved acquisitions a unique ID number.
  4. Applicants/project managers receive per e-mail written notification of an approval to purchase, stating the equipment, the price awarded, the unique ID number and any other conditions for the purchase. PLA sends mails with CHOL cc. PLA journalizes approvals.
  5. When approving an invoice in IndFak, the unique ID number must be entered in the comment field. In addition, the project manager must complete a construction note, which must be attached in IndFak.
  6. In the event of changes in amount and / or equipment, the project manager must direct an inquiry to FU. Agreed changes in relation to the approved (price/equipment) must be documented by email with cc. for PLA and CHOL.

Approved at ENVS management meeting 30 August 2022.