Massage offer

Massage i ECOS, DCE & ENVS v. Carsten Sander Søgaard

The massage takes place in room 133/7413 (D-fløj) ATMI homepage

You are offered the possibility of half an hour massage every Wedensday from 11:30 to 15:00h by Carsten.

The price is DKK 155,- for half an hour, paid in cash directly to Carsten or pay by Mobilepay to No. 859518.

Remember to bring BOTH a towel AND a sheet.

Book your massage appointment in the Outlook calendar ”Roskilde massagekalender”. In case massage is canceled due to vacations etc., it will appear in the calendar. Please note that it's not permitted to book a double appointment in advance. But it's allowed to book a double appointment the day before, if the massage calender overview shows empty spaces. Remember to write name of Department, your full name and phone number in the subject field.

This shows how to book your massage appointment in Outlook calender as a ressource (in Danish)

Your booking is binding, so if you need to cancel, you yourself must find a substitute. Please be aware of that you will be charged for payment (1 x massage) in case of no-show.

If you have questions please contact:

Majbritt Pedersen-Ulrich ( · tel. 87158604/mobil: 21343588

or Charlotte Spang ( / mobile: 41915650 · January 2023