RISØ fitness center

DTU Sport has the general responsibility for fitness at DTU and campus. The organisation administrates a fitness center on Risø campus which is open for employees at ENVS.

Website: DTU Sport

Adress: DTU Risø Campus, Building 116, Ground floor. Entrance in the middle of the building.

Opening hours: Every day from 06.00 – 22.45.

Membership: Membership at DTU Sport-Risø is paid pr semester, and the sale happens in the first three months of every semester or until the teams are full. If you are not part of DTU, you have to sign up through Lars Renvald. The price is 600 kr pr semester for full access or 500 kr pr semester for bodybike.

Bath facilities: The center has baths and changing rooms.


More information

You get more information on DTU Sport's own website or by contacting Lars Renvald by

T: +4587158713
M: +4525601782