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Insurance, injuries and department cars

Insurance can be difficult to understand. There are many rules and exceptions. For this reason, on these pages we have tried to help you as much as possible and have gathered the most important rules. We recommend that you check your coverage, especially prior to field work or travel abroad.

As a rule, AU provides travel insurance when you travel abroad (incl. Greenland and the Faroe Islands), and provides statutory workers’ compensation coverage (which covers during work hours, regardless of your location) statutory insurance on vehicles.

As an AU employee, you are covered better and in more cases than students/guests. Check out the rules in more detail on the following pages.

Working in the field

In general Working in the field - general guide - to follow the specific guides for the tropics and the Arctic!
Tropics Guide for working in the tropics
Arctic Safety instructions for Fieldwork in the Arctic Check also reference book for emergency aid (Roskilde)
Work with drones Safety issues and who to contact
Bird flu Minimize the infection risk
Work on boats Guide working at sea and in fjords by boat
Work on small boats Guide for working on lakes in small boats (incl. electro-fishing)
Transport Transporting and sending chemicals
Roskilde instructions Guide to raw wastewater and sludge (in the field and in the laboratory)
Arctic emergency aid in the field
Form for ordering field equipment to the Arctic
Målestationer under NOVANA Sikkerhedsinstruks for målestationer under NOVANA
Villum Research Station (VRS) VRS site manual

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